The Most Demanding On-Location Film and Video Production Workflows Need the New, Fast and Reliable G-SPEED™ Shuttle

You’ve been on the set for the past sixteen hours. Delay after delay has held up the production schedule. But, the producer just dropped three Red® Mini-Mags in your lap and the clock is ticking. As the director paces back and forth, you’re on the hook to transfer and back-up the day’s shoot as quickly as possible so it can be moved into post-production.

The Journey to the Hang Son Doong Cave

One professional photographer captures the story of the world’s largest caves in Vietnam and shares how he managed to capture, store, and offload high quality footage using G-DRIVE hard drives.

What's in Your Gear Bag?

Helloooo there, I am Dixie Dixon, I currently shoot internationally for major advertising, editorial, and fashion clients! I love bringing each brand’s personality to life in my imagery and for me the connection is everything! I go to great lengths to connect with the people I work with and am inspired by their energy.

Solid Backup for Solo Filmmakers

Whether you’re talking about a 90-minute video or a single still image, everything worth keeping needs to get backed up. Of course, size does matter, and video — especially extremely high-definition and high frame rate video — changes the storage workflow, including backup considerations. That old USB drive can no longer cope.

Why You Should Rely on a Professional Photography Backup

If you’re good enough to get paid for your photography, you’re smart enough to protect it. You’ve probably even heard the advice (from us if not a dozen others) to always keep your data in at least three places. However, in the interests of brevity and short attention spans, the why and how of this guidance often gets jettisoned.


The Why

3 Reasons Your Creative Business Needs a Better Storage Foundation

Cameras, lenses, lighting, mixing boards, and all the expensive equipment that helps creative professionals to create is just…equipment. And equipment can be replaced.

Enterprise Drives: Simply Better For Pros

If you could travel back in time to the early ’80s and survive all of the hair spray, you’d might realize that a year’s supply of hair products would be cheaper than a gigabyte of hard disk storage. Today, you can get the same capacity for less.

Capturing the End Zone: A Close Lens on the Action from the Big Game

Looking back at Professional Football Championship Game, I still think I am exhausted from my time in San Francisco. It was a blast but also very exhausting…as good work should be! I took around 10,000 photos during my time in town.

Spit, Storage and Keeping My Small Business Afloat

One of the most common questions I receive about being a filmmaker for surf sports is how I get such clear images. After all, I’m in the water, out among the waves with the athletes I’m shooting. Underwater housing or not, my lens should be covered in drops and spray, right? So why do the images look bone dry and super crisp?

Thunderbolt 3, Part 2: How Much Speed Do You Need?

In our last blog article, we looked at the forthcoming Thunderbolt 3 storage interface. We examined its top benefits, including daisy chaining, USB Power Delivery, and a doubling of bandwidth from Thunderbolt 2’s 20 Gbit/s to the new generation’s 40 Gbit/s.

Will Third-Gen Thunderbolt Be the Charm?

Ask any presidential hopeful: Being the best choice in a race is no guarantee of getting elected. Moreover, what’s “best” for one group may not be desired by another. Progressives always face a battle to budge the status quo.

Supercharge Adobe Photoshop Workflow with Scratch Disks

“You’ll be stunned at how much snappier Photoshop feels”

Tom Barnes, portrait and music photographer and G-TEAM veteran is a busy man to say the least.  Between back-to-back shoots and edits for Channel 4, Kerrang! and Sony Music he still manages to find time for sleep, cups of tea, and maybe even a movie with the wife.

The Minimalist Shoot: The art of downsizing for exotic destinations

During the month of November this past year, I was able to take a trip of a lifetime, traveling to exotic places in Southeast Asia and Africa. My trip began by visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a place on my bucket list since my early teens. It was more magnificent than I ever imagined. I found beauty and inspiration at every corner.

Illuminating the Path for Adventure Photographers

As the Marketing Manager for the photography vertical for G-Technology, I’m involved in a ton of really inspiring projects with our G-TEAM Ambassadors and other top photographers from around the world.  But even with all the exciting things I’ve done in the last year, I can’t wait to embark on my next adventure: Red Bull Illume.

Baking Storage into Filmmaking: A Recipe for Success

It’s no secret that G-Technology solutions are designed for creative pros.  And what each creative pro does can take different forms: photography, film-making, editing, production and more.  The list is endless.  And so is the need for storage—to shuttle, edit, distribute and back-up the creative pro’s very valuable content.  

G-HISTORY: Coming Full Circle

A garage.  That’s where it all started.  And I’m one of the last of the “garage employees.”  Why am I telling you this?  Well, the launch of G-BLOG had me reflecting on the path G-Technology has taken ... particularly how far we’ve come. And that has been full circle.

Good is Winning: On Tour with Pope Francis

"Throughout time, a knot has been used to symbolize tension and struggle," writes Jeremy Cowart, arguably the most influential photographer on the Internet. "The undoing of a knot symbolizes freedom from these burdens—a release of pressure."

Up in the AIR

So often many of us are inspired by the creativity, innovation and shear grit of those around us. Vincent Laforet, one of our G-TEAM Ambassadors, is certainly one who not only exudes those qualities, but also has that innate ability to share his talents with others.